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Posted on Tue 27 May 2008 8:04

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In his written statement, Pilati explained, "'New Vintage' is my way to reflect our social and economic state by capitalizing on existing resources to translate sustainable 'values' into 'forms.'" And in an impromptu speech during the showing, Barneys fashion director Julie Gilhart called the collection, "limited, exclusive and beautiful." Creative director Simon Doonan hosted the event.
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Ford's technique worked and the image has since become synonymous with the house, and Opium - which was first launched in 1977 - remains one of YSL's best-known scents.
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"All designed with the idea of 'buy less, choose well, wear it over and again and have fun with your own ideas', was Westwood's mission statement, adding - 'PS: I am not depressed. But we must stop climate change'.
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Her show was staged in a vast white pavilion built on the banks of the Seine, close by the Alexandre Trois bridge.In an impassioned note left on the seats, Dame Vivienne spoke of the importance of learning from the past, of respecting the planet, and securing the future.And, in a Paris season when both Nicolas Ghesqui?re at Balenciaga, and Christophe Decarnin at Balmain, have reached back to punk, Westwood, the high priestess of the punk movement, ignored it.Her inspirations, instead, touched on Tutankhamen, Inca priestesses, Henri Matisse, Japanese 'Noh' theatre, Comedia dell'Arte, and the ballet.As the music switched from Rachmaninov to Scottish folk tunes, these references gave rise to many of Westwood's best-loved silhouettes: cleavage-bodices, with swathed shoulders, allied to ruched,bunched long skirts, or a perky mini, in a tapestry-floral. Pale metallic tartan taffeta was used for bloused dresses with wide belts and a train; and a floral ballgown, with fishtail-skirt, was cinched with a belt stamped with the word 'fragile'.
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Of the advert Dahl has said: "I think the photograph is beautiful. it was seen as being anti-women, when in fact I think it is very empowering to women."
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Ford's technique worked and the image has since become synonymous with the house, and Opium - which was first launched in 1977 - remains one of YSL's best-known scents.
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IN PICTURES: YSL's autumn/winter 2012 collection
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Of the advert Dahl has said: "I think the photograph is beautiful. it was seen as being anti-women, when in fact I think it is very empowering to women."
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"The early couture pieces are rare," agrees vintage dealer Cameron Silver of Decades. "I don't see a lot of couture Mondrian dresses floating around, sadly." With stylish A-listers like Gwyneth Paltrow, Chlo? Sevigny, Kristin Davis and Rachel Griffiths known for their love of early YSL, Silver predicts to see even more of it on the red carpet, in particular pieces from the less elite Rive Gauche line, despite the fact that the most recent treasure trove to come to light was almost three years ago following socialite clotheshorse Nan Kempner's 2005 death.
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